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An Extra Money Making Business Opportunity, Create a Second Income Source within your own Business or Home !

Make Money!
A Business within your Business!

A complete Extra Money Making Business Opportunity that requires less than one square foot of counterspace. Thrill your customers with our counter display containing the world's best "How to" Videos & CDROMs catalogs. You will make extra money within this exploding market without any extra efforts.
Our Business System provides all the telemarketing for a successful enterprise. Excellent for a home based business too ! Simply offer our top-quality, 4 color catalogs and promotional certificates to your customers and make profits on all their orders. Yes! whatever they buy out fo those catalogs, you make 25% of the sales, instantly!. You don't have to buy any videos or CDROMs inventory nor deal with phone orders, shipping or product return affairs. We'll do everything for you and send your 25% profits of all sales!
We are one of the World’s largest suppliers of Educational, Instructional and Informational Videos and CD-ROMs. Because we possess over 8,000 Videos and CD-ROMs in hundreds of categories. People, businesses, schools, universities, will love to hear about these products.

Simply place our counter display near your cash register. Our beautifuly colored Counter Display will be showing these hard-to-find video catalogs that everybody would love to have on their homes but almost nobody is able to find. Requires less than a square foot of your counterspace and is very attention grabber. Each catalog retails for $5.00 giving you over $2.00 in profits on the catalog sale alone. They come with promotional certificates that your customers will enjoy. This certificates offers a $10 off from the first purchase of $50 or more.

These catalogs create continuous orders from your customers, giving you a 25% on all these orders. The best part is that you don’t have to deal with the time taking task of getting these orders to us. We will handle all the customer order taking, credit card processing, product shipments and returns and send you the profits. Our catalogs contain 800 fax and phone order numbers to make easier and faster your customer satisfaction. We back-up our guarantees 100%.

Impress your clients with Educational Videos concerning your business. Say you run a sports-fishing goodies store, you will glare your clients with about 50 different professional fishing videos. From how to select the perfect bait to Hawaiian Blue Fish Tournaments. Offer these order generating catalogs to your clients and you'll make extra money on whatever they buy, no extra efforts from you. Or if you want you can make a Special Video Collection for your clients, expanding even more your profits.

Look at the profits you can make:*

Orders per day
Monthly profits
*Based on $50.00 average order. Your average order could be more or less.

Before any further actions; Please ask to yourself...

"Procastination is the Cancer of your success. Don’t let it kill yours…"

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