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Having a hard time with Maths or History?
  Our educational & instructional videos and CDROMs will help you  learn that hard subject of yours faster and easier.  It's a fact that visual tools makes learning more effective and thorough than reading materials.   Our catalog is divided in the main sterams of Education; English, History, Language, Math, Science, plus  a Testing Taking Series for  boosting your grades on SAT's, GMAT's, GED's tests and more...
 From Shakespeare, to the English Basics.  From History of English to Fun with Words.  Our educational videos will guide you step by step into the basics, intermidiate or advanced skills you need for a more proficient knowledge for reading, speaking and writingthe first language of the world.
Know your history with these remarkable documentaries and  video collection. Covering from the first pioneeers to How the West was lost. From America's Civil War Series to the World War II Chronicles. Also the History of Civil Rights Movement  and The 20th Century Series are among this exquisite and educational video collection.
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